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About Us


We Believe that access to energy is the right of every individual on the planet.
Therefore energy related problems must be solved and implemented, not debated.

Fortunately, there are more answers available today than many people realize.
Kilowatt labs develops disruptive and impactful technologies that solve big, energy related
problems and deliver Better Energy.

Kilowatt Labs products contribute to the goal of eliminating fossil fuel usage in transport,
utilities, industry, micro-grids, and regions with no energy access with products that massively
reduce cost and improve per performance at least 10x.
Our Vision

To become the African market leader in the power and energy industry,
by lock stepping with kilowatt Labs and its products range,
through the implementation, development, commissioning of innovative,
robust, cost effective and future shaping technologies.

Offering new and diverse solutions to old and new challenges and encompassing
the best of new era values, methodology and product distribution.  

While creating a culture of ubuntu and assisting Africa to fully realize its potential in the global village.
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Contact Us
Kyalami Business Park
41 Kyalami Boulevard
Main Road
South Africa
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